Doctors and Medical Services in Costa Rica

Costa Rican doctors and medical care are considered to be one of the best in the world.  In Playas del Coco area we enjoy access to top quality medical professionals and medical equipment.

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Costa Rica is one of the few countries around the world where its inhabitants enjoy a much longer life expectancy. Some people even claim that it is the longest life span in the world. Great majority of Costa Ricans live past the age of 90 years old.

In part this is due to the favorable weather conditions, natural minerals and resources and a relaxed life style well known in Costa Rica as Pura Vida (translates as Pure Life). Humid ocean salty air, volcanic sands, myriad of various heathy and nutritious fruits and vegetables available in Costa Rica, along with several amazing superfoods - moringa, noni, mangosteen, turmeric, cas, soursop (guanabana), starfruit, to name a few – all are perfect ingredients for extending your life span while enjoying life in paradise. All of these are easy to find around Costa Rica and many super fruits grow in abundance on the sides of the roads, gardens and parks.

Another secret to the happy long life in Costa Rica is the excellent quality of medical care the country enjoys. Costa Rica’s medical system is one of the best in the world and offers a wide variety of premium health care providers and medical services. There are both, private and public clinics all throughout the country. Costa Rican residents receive health care free of charge from the public health care providers, while the cost of private clinics is considered one of the lowest in the world compared to North America and European countries.

For these reasons the medical tourism has become very popular in the last decade in Costa Rica. Tourists from around the world travel to the Pura Vida land to get their procedures done at a fraction of the cost and enjoy the recovery process by the beach sipping on fresh juices made of vitamin staffed super fruits. Plastic surgery, dental procedures and elective surgeries are the top popular medical tourism attractions. Patients come for superior medical care, equipment and expertise in Costa Rica, as well as savings in costs compared to their homeland.


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Hospitals in San José Province

City of San José

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Pérez Zeledón


Hospitals in Alajuela Province


Hospitals in Cartago Province


Hospitals in Guanacaste Province


Hospitals in Heredia Province


Hospitals in Limón Province


Hospitals in Puntarenas Province